Strange! I want foreigner to talk this phrase."Ma ni atte ma su"

If you must catch the 8 o'clock bus, either you caught the bus or you missed.
Japanese " Ma ni a u" is you caught the bus, "Ma ni a wa na i" is you was too late for.

But "Ma ni atte ma su" is different from an original meaning.
The literal translation is "you caught ride on 8 o'clock bus.

When Japanese said "Ma ni atte ma su", they want to decline something.

For example...
You don't hear someone talk who's a missionary when you have to go somewhere hurry.
You don't want a flower vase that happiness comes you.
You can't eat any more at restaurant when waiter ask you an additional order.

When you have't to consider it and all you have to turn down it, you just say "Ma ni atte ma su".

How to use "Ma ni atte ma su", you must not look someone that you refuse a offer.
You just say "Ma ni atte ma su" inattentively. That'a correct!!!

This phrase is useful in Japan, because once Japanese refuse you, they never offer you again.

You know, Japanese hardly use "NO or No thank you", they prefer vague expression to clear.