That's funny! I want foreigner to talk this phrase."Dai jo bu"

Japanese have a strange word "Dai jo bu".
Most simple mean is "I'm OK." but we use it various situation everyday.

Image this situation,plz.
Kaze hi i ta. [ I had a cold.]
Maji? Dai jo bu? [ Oh, really? How about your feeling? ]
Dai jo bu. [ I'm OK, I'm feeling better now. ]
O da i ji ni. [ Take care of your self. ]

It's correct how to use "Dai jo bu".

Image this situation in convenience store, plz.
Bento atatame masu ka? [ Shall I heat up your lunch box? ]
Dai jo bu desu. [ No thank you. ]

Most of Japanese use it when they puss up any suggestion.

Dai jo bu has positive mean"I'm OK." moreover it has negative mean "No than you.".
This word is so convenient!
If you don't know what answer to make, just you have to say "Dai jo bu".
Japanese can understand you at just that word and you pretend to know Japan.

You know?
Most of Japanese don't say "No" when they want to decline.
We have culture that we veiled our mind at negative situation.

"Da jo bu" has a lot of mean, for example…
It's OK.
No problem.
No than you.
I don't want to it.
Don't need it anymore.

What a odd word! Dai jo bu!