Patagonia in Kanda. I think regarding Patagonia.

Patagonia is a famous outdoor equipment company.
I'm fond of Patagonia equipments not only outdoor using but also lifestyle category.
Actually I'm wondering about its website.
I seek "patagonia USA" in google search engine, then the patagonia USA is appeared the top line on my monitor.
I cricked it, but my display never shown its USA website despite I inputted " patagonia USA ".
If we want to watch its USA website in Japan, we have to input a correct URL in the address bar otherwise website is jumped automatically to patagonia JP in spite of search engine is showed USA website.
I think one of the cause is this price.
Today's exchange rate was about 80yen to 1bucks. (2012 Oct 24th at present)
For example Women's Down Sweater is 200dollars and its Japanese price is 25,000yen.
If I calculate this item using today's rate, its price is about 16,000yen.
Oh well, I can't complain about few difference, but this's an considerable money!!!
The other oversea companies make a price using the profit of a strong yen.
I'm confused in this case...but I love patagonia garments.
There are very good staffs and comfortable atmosphere!
This pic is JR Ocha-no-mizu station. I took it from bridge nearby its station.
There are a lot of good restaurant, book store and variety store in this area.
If you stay in Tokyo, you should walk around here.